How to Choose Your Lawn Care Company

Mowing season is finally here! 

We prepped our yards for Spring in February and now it's time to start cutting the grass and maintaining everything on a regular basis. If you decide to do it on your own, more power to you. It's a lot of work to maintain a beautifully manicured lawn. If you choose to hire a lawn care professional, there are some things you need to look for to find the right company for you. It's always important to look over a company's services to make sure they offer what you need, but you also need to check into a few other things. Specifically look at their ratings and reviews, employees, insurance, payment methods and schedules, satisfaction guarantee, scheduling flexibility, and customer service response. 

Ratings and Reviews

Most people begin verifying they want to choose a service provider by scanning reviews and making sure they will be satisfied as a customer. Reviews are helpful because you can pinpoint what problems might arise, if any, and how customers have felt about the company's services in the past. It's always important to read the actual review rather than just scan ratings, because sometimes you will find that what someone writes will help you make a decision much more than the number of stars they chose to highlight. 


How are their employees chosen, trained and dressed? You don't want to find out your chosen lawn care company has a professional online appearance and management staff, but a rowdy bunch of hooligans deployed to mow lawns. Ask how they train and choose staff and how they will appear when they arrive at your home. For example, North Texas Lawns fleet is always dressed in uniform and treats your home with respect


Speaking of employees, what happens if one gets hurt at your home? Find out if the company has insurance. This way, if someone gets injured on the job or accidentally breaks something on your property, you're not footing the bill. 

Payment Methods and Schedules

How and when you pay is important. Can you pay weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually or bi-annually? Your preferred payment method might alter. Is the company willing to work with you? How you pay might be even more imporant. Many people prefer online payment systems so they can easily pay their bills at their convenience from work or home. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

It sounds silly, but choosing a company with a satisfaction guarantee may be the difference between a job done excellently and a done job. Find a company that guarantees you will be satisfied or they will either come back to fix it or give you your money back. The ones that will come back to fix it show even more loyalty because it's easy to issue a refund, but redoing something takes time and effort. 

Scheduling Flexibility

You might want your yard done on a certain day of the week or time of the day. If scheduling is important to you, make sure your chosen company has options that work for your schedule. 

Customer Service Response 

If a problem should arise, or you need to make a change in your lawn care service, who do you contact and how? Who will answer you and how quickly? Choose a company that is always available to discuss your yard's needs with you. 

If you think North Texas Lawns is the company for you, contact us today to receive your FREE quote within 24 hours. 



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