10 Activities to Celebrate National Lawn Care Month in Your Yard

April is National Lawn Care Month! 

Celebrate this special month by using your yard as much as possible. Whether or not you have kids, playing outside is always a good choice. In adults, "playtime" can help reduce stress and promote wellness. Here's a list of some things you can do to use your outdoor space to welcome the Spring season: 

1. Exercise for 30 minutes every day. 
It doesn't have to be a routine workout. Go outside and kick a soccer ball around, run around with your dog, or even just do some weed pulling! Getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes every day helps you reduce your stress level and keeps you lookin' good. 

2. Get some friends together and host an outdoor hangout. 
Even on a week day, it's easy to break out the BBQ and some brews. Invite your friends over, trust us they will appreciate the low-maintenance meal and downtime. Not only will you get yourself on the "A-list" early in the season, you will also get the chance to show off your beautiful yard. 

3. Do some reading outside. 
Grab a lawn chair and get to it! Read a book, catch up with a magazine or read an article you're interested in. Reading is a great way to relax and stimulate your brain. You could even grab your laptop and get some work done if you want. It might enhance your productivity to be in a relaxing environment while you work. 

4. Do a "small-things" photoshoot. 
Take some time to apprecitate and document the beauty of spring. Walk slowly around your yard and take close-up shots of everything you find interesting or beautiful. If you don't have a decent camera, just take your smart phone and make sure the settings are on HDR. You'd be surprised what you can come up with. It may even help with your Instagram popularity. 

5. Outdoor yoga. 
Some people think Yoga isn't for everyone, or that it's hard. The truth is, anyone can do it and there are plenty of beginners routines you can use. Grab your laptop (or smartphone) and find a "beginners yoga routine" on YouTube. You can even throw in terms like "relaxing," "strengthening" or "stretching." Here's a short video to get you started with flexibility.

6. Do some stargazing.
Check the weather to make sure the night will be clear. Grab a blanket, a beverage of your choice and someone you love (or go solo!). Pick a nice spot to sit on your lawn with minimal light pollution and watch the stars for a while. Who knows, maybe you'll even see a shooting star. Don't forget bug spray though; y'all know how much those Texas bugs love to come out in the spring and summer. 

7. Do some tanning!  
It's never too early to work on that sun-kissed glow the summer brings. Get a jump start on your tan in your own yard. Make sure you wear some kind of sun protection, though. No one likes a nasty sunburn and skin cancer is just pure evil. 

8. Have a picnic lunch. 
It's nice to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine, even while doing something as mundane as eating lunch. Your meal doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to give you something to munch on while you soak up the rays. You can even make it a social event and invite friends to bring food too. Turn it into a potluck. 

9. Play a game! 
Even for adults, games like flashlight tag or a water balloon fight can be extremely fun. Ask some friends to come over to your place for a day/night of nostalgia. Make sure they all bring a flashlight or their own water balloon ammo, otherwise you'll have a hard time playing! 

10. Go backyard camping. 
Pitch a tent and sleep outside for a night or two. The soothing sounds of the outdoors and the natural schedule of sunlight will help you sleep better and relieve stress. 

If you don't think your yard is ready for this kind of fun, contact us and we'll whip it into shape. 


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