Start 2017 Off Right With This Month-to-Month Lawn Service Calendar

There's a reason lawn service is still a thriving industry.

A well-kept lawn is most enjoyed throughout the summer, but maintaining it is a year-round project.

Most people can get by in the winter without really doing anything, and just mowing it as needed in the warm-season, but just getting by isn't what makes for a great lawn.

As a matter of fact, taking a month-to-month approach is one way to guarantee that the grass will always be the greenest on your side, no joke.

Introducing The 2017 Month-To-Month Lawn Service Calendar

If you've already got a 2017 calendar hanging up somewhere, this will be a great way to use it. If not, it's never too late to start getting organized.

Of course, you could always keep this page bookmarked for easy reminders if you aren't the calendar type person.


Now is the time to rearm yourself for battle. Make sure your mower is tuned up, and sharpen the blades.

If you buy gasoline with no ethanol in it, you won't have to worry about how long it's been sitting (alcohol evaporates after a while, which can lead to the mower not starting even if the tank is full.)

Any day during this month that the temperature rises above 65 degrees Fahrenheit, make sure to stay on top of the winter weeds.

This is the time to start planning any gardening you want to do or pruning existing trees.


The winter months can kind of be treated as one big month, as the things you need to stay on top of don't change much.

Make sure you clear your lawn of debris like leaves and branches. A substantial layer of leaves can suffocate a lawn.

Lawnmower tune-up should continue (if you need to budget it out, replacing the air filter is a must, and although you may not need to do it every year, make sure the spark plug is good too).

Trees and shrubs should be planted in the winter.

Note any puddles that form when it rains or you water, these spots will need to be aerated in the spring. If it's particularly bad you can do some light spot-aeration but don't go overboard.


Dallas county usually experiences its last frost sometime in the first two weeks of March. On frosty days, make sure you don't walk too much on your lawn, as you could damage the grass.

For particularly dry winters, make sure to water the grass once a week.

Any trees or shrubs you've been looking to add should have been planted by now.

Fertilizing doesn't happen yet, but it may be a good idea to go ahead and get some.


Now starts the busy season. If you want to establish a lawn from overseeding, or plant one from sod, this is the time, your grass will start to accelerate in growth rate as the warm season fast approaches.

Your first spring feeding will happen now too. Just follow the directions on your fertilizer and you can't go wrong.

You'll start your spring cutting in April too. For your spring mowing make sure you don't remove more than a third of the grass blade at a time.


You'll be mowing more regularly, but still keeping that 1/3 cut rule.

If you're in over your head, get in touch with your local lawn service provider.

Experiment with your watering schedule so you can find that sweet spot for the summer. Frequent, light watering tends to work better.


If you've noticed parts of the soil where it's compacted (forming puddles) now is the time to do a thorough aeration job. Earlier in the month is ideal.

Testing your soil is a good way to see if you need to keep up with fertilizing.

If the summer is looking to be hotter and dryer, more fertilization may be necessary, if it will be cool and wet, you may not need much more.

Morning watering works better as moisture won't linger overnight and you won't lose a lot to evaporation in the middle of the day. (The reason lawn service professionals are done by lunchtime.)


Your grass will be growing at it's fastest rate, so regular mowing is crucial in the summer months. Depending on the grass you'll probably be on a weekly mowing schedule.

Depending on how hot and dry it is, you could raise the cutting height of your lawnmower an extra inch to help the survivability of your lawn. A slightly taller lawn shades the soil more.


This is the last month to sow any more seeds if you're overseeding (Note, if you have Bermuda grass, you can do it later but now is optimal. Look for areas that have thinned out).

Try not to mow a dry lawn, as it can increase how susceptible your grass is to the wind and sun. Mow after it rains or after you water.


If your soil test still warrants it, do one last fertilization for warm season grasses.

You'll want to be thinking of pre-emergent herbicide for winter weeds around now.

Adjust your watering schedule according to the soil, you should be able to cut back on it.

Now may be time to aerate again if needed.


Get ready for raking. A blanket of leaves can encourage pests and diseases. You can use your leaves as compost or shred them with the lawnmower (makes for great mulch for garden beds).

Cool-season fertilization generally requires fertilizer high in phosphates. If you need to overseed your lawn, do so by the end of the month (you'll need to wait a few weeks before you can mow it one last time).


Get ready for your final mow (required if you overseeded last month). It's usually a good idea to leave the grass a little bit higher than normal.

The first freeze usually hits in the second half of the month, this is the sign that you can stop mowing.

Make sure to take care of the rest of the fall debris that may be on your lawn.

If you need to, do one final aeration.


You made it! Give your mower some much needed TLC, check the driver belt, and make sure the blade is sharpened and balanced. Clean the oil if needed too.

When your grass goes brown, it has become dormant. Dormant grass isn't dead, but it is more delicate, so try to reduce traffic on it as much as possible.

Maintaining your beautiful lawn all year long doesn't have to be a headache anymore. Keep this calendar handy for the years to come, 2017 won't be much different than any other year as far as lawn service goes.

Any tips you think we missed? Let us know!

Good luck and Happy New Year!


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