10 Tips to Achieve Quality Lawn Care for the Spring

Spring is in the air. There's nothing quite like the beauty of gentle morning rain, blossoming flowers, and the vibrant dewy colors of springtime nature. When one thinks of spring, they might just think of Easter Eggs in a lush, vibrantly green lawn.

If your lawn is more on the brown and crunchy side rather than that lush and green side, don't worry. We put together a guide to ten ways you can improve your lawn care for the spring.

While trusting a lawn care professional is always recommended if your lawn isn't in the best shape, you can implement some of these tips to maintain the integrity of your lawn.

Check out these awesome tips!

Ten Ways You Can Maximize Your Lawn Care For The Spring

Having a glamorous yard is easier than you think.

10. Always test your soil.

This is something lawn owners tend to overlook when purchasing fertilizer and seed. A PH testing kit for soil is a necessary and inexpensive purchase that you can find in just about any home and garden or hardware store.

You'll need to know what the acid and alkaline balance are in your soil before purchasing the right kind of products and seeds to put into it. Not all lawns are the same because not all climates and regions are the same.

9. Keep up with lawn care for the spring, but also year round.

Yes, even in December. There are things your grass will need every month of the year to keep it thriving, even if it is too snowy to mow.

Invest in and follow a lawn service calendar to help you manage when to mow, when to sow, and when to tune up that lawnmower.

8. Aerate your lawn.

Aerating is the act of poking holes in your lawn. Sometimes, soil can get squished down or compacted in the wintertime under the pressure of heavy snow.

Because of this compacting, grass may not be able to get oxygen down into the roots. And nutrient deprived roots equal patches of dead grass in the spring.

Aerating can be down by a lawn care professional. If your lawn is a chronic sufferer of compaction, you can invest in tools to take care of aeration for you. 

7. Cut the right length.

The densest lawn is a possibility with the right mower settings. Try setting your lawn mower to its highest setting so that only about a third or fourth of the grass' length is trimmed.

This may seem like a pain that will lead to more frequent trimmings, but it's worth it for the result-- green, lush, dense grass. By allowing the blades of grass to stay tall, your lawn's root system will become healthier. The extra shade from taller grass will also help protect the soil from excess sunlight that could dry it out.

6. Clean your lawn frequently.

A beautiful lawn doesn't just magically happen. You'll need to provide a lot of work and a lot of care to get it looking plush and beautiful.

When the soil begins to get dry (the exact time or season depends on where you might live) take the time to rake up leaves, sticks, and other debris from your lawn.

The act of raking is also a great way to stimulate growth and make your lawn look more luscious it dry or cold seasons. Be careful when you rake-- be sure to do it gently enough that you don't damage or uproot the blades but firmly enough to clear it off all debris.

During winter, take the time to push over large mounds of snow and level how much is piled on your lawn to prevent compacting.

5. Get rid of weeds before they get crazy.

As a rule of thumb, you should always take care of weeds before they take over your lawn. Use a weed control substance that targets pre-sprouted weeds and eliminates them before they make an appearance. This way, weeds won't have a chance to choke out your grass.

If you're not comfortable using a chemical product like an herbicide, an alternative would be aggressive lawn care for the spring. If your lawn is thick and strong, weeds won't have the chance to find space to grow. Also, take the time to seed often and cover barren or dead areas with sod.

There are also many all-natural DIY herbicides out there that may be worth looking into.

4. Always sod and sow in the spring.

Early to mid-spring in most regions is a great time for putting down new turf. Since frost isn't as likely to happen in the beginning of spring, the ground soil is much soft and warmer, making it easy to work with.

Spring is a great time to sow seeds as well, as the combination of warmer weather and rain makes for an ideal germination environment.

3. Remember to fertilize.

Springtime is a great time for fertilizing, also known as a "spring feed." Keep your lawn looking colorful and vibrant by implementing a nitrogen-rich feed.

You can find premade feeds and fertilizers just about everything that sells lawn care and gardening products, but make sure whatever feed you choose is mostly nitrogen.

2. Don't be afraid to water-- if you need to.

In some regions, the tail end of spring might get pretty dry. If this is the case, don't be afraid to turn on the sprinkler for a bit.

However, don't water if you don't need to. Is your soil still somewhat spongy and damp? Does your grass feel stiff but doesn't break?

If this is the case, you may not need to water your lawn.

1. Scarify if necessary.

If you're still dealing with patches of dead grass well into spring, there are measures you can take. Scarifying your lawn is a good way to get rid of dead grass without harming too many of the live blades.

Scarifying tools are available, but you can do the job easily with a metal rake as well.

How was our guide to improving your lawn care for the spring? Tell us what you think, along with your tips and tricks, in the comment section below!


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