Top 10 Yard Maintenance Tips for Year-Round Care

If you want to enjoy a beautiful yard twelve months of the year, you will need to care for it with each passing season.

While there is no such thing as perfect, you can make your yard almost perfect.

We are providing our top 10 yard maintenance tips for year-round care.


The best time to show your yard some TLC is during springtime.

As the temperature starts to rise, your lawn will depend on water and fertilizer.

It will also be recovering from tough winter weather, so will need a little extra care to grow healthy grass.

Here's how to care for your garden during spring...

1. Lay Turf

If you're going to lay turf, it's wise to do so in spring.

The risk of frost is lower during the season, so the soil is more flexible.

Also, the warmer weather will warm up the soil but there will be rain to support germination. For this reason, it's the ideal time to sow seeds for lush grass.

2. Feeding & Watering

There's nothing better than looking out onto your yard to see a lawn looking lovely and green.

To aid healthy growth, you should select a pre-packaged feed that contains nitrogen.

Don't rely on intermittent rainfall to water your lawn. It might be wise to water it during the end of the season when the warmer weather rears its head.

A lawn will often need an inch of water per week. Yet, the lawn will endure more stress as the temperatures rise.

When the weather conditions become either hot or dry, or hot and windy, it is important to water a lawn more often. This will help to replace the water that has evaporated in the soil.

3. Mowing the Lawn

It goes without saying you should mow the lawn regularly once the grass starts to grow.

In spring, make sure the mower is raised to its highest setting for the first few cuts. This will prevent you from cutting the grass too short.

Throughout the year, aim for a mow height of 2 and a 1/2 inches.

4. Scarifying Your Lawn

One of the best yard maintenance techniques during springtime is scarifying.

This means removing the dead layer of grass that has formed during winter.

All you have to do is use a mechanical scarifier or spring-tined rake to remove the dead grass.


If you thought your grass had it tough during winter, it's nothing compared to what it goes through in summer.

That's because it has to endure heavy periods of drought, whilst suffering from sun damage.

It's essential to care for it during the summery season to enjoy a healthy, happy garden. Here's how...

5. Fertilizer

If rainfall is expected during summer, it won't hurt to give your lawn a healthy dose of fertilizer.

Yet, don't do it if rainfall is not expected. Fertilizer can scorch grass during dry and hot temperatures.

It's recommended to apply a liquid feed or granular fertilizer to be on the safe side.

6. Watering

Your grass will be thirsty during the summer months.

Satiate your lawn with either a garden hose or using an irrigation system.

By doing so, you can enjoy beautiful green grass to enjoy during the sunny temperatures.

7. Weekly Mowing & Weeding

Your lawn will grow at a rapid rate during the summer sun.

That's why you should try to mow your grass once or twice per week. Yet, you shouldn't mow the lawn during dry periods.

Removing weeds should be a regular part of your yard maintenance.

Dig the troublesome weeds out of the ground and aim to remove the root. This will prevent it from growing back.

You should also spray other pesky weeds with a weed killer. Give the likes of daisies, speedwell, and clovers a good spray - but avoid doing so in periods of drought.

Click here to identify and remove common weeds.


You should aim to embark with lawn renovations during fall.

Yard maintenance during autumn will give your yard the best chance of survival in winter.

What's more, it will also allow your grass to recover from heavy use during spring and summer. There's nothing quite like a summer BBQ, right?

As well as feeding, mowing and scarifying your lawn, you should also embark with...

8. Top Dressing

Try to evenly spread a high-quality top dressing over your lawn.

Once you have done just that, brush the dressing into the holes following aerating. Make sure you brush it all in or you could kill your grass.

You can either buy a commercial mix or you could make your own top dressing with mixing sand, loam, and compost.

9. Create a Mulch

Don't make the mistake of leaving fallen leaves on your grass, as this could result in brown lawn patches.

Instead, shred them using a rotary mower and add them to compost to create a mulch.

There are many great benefits for mulching, such as:

  • Weed prevention
  • Improving soil moisture and texture
  • Pest prevention
  • Protect plant roots during harsh temperatures
  • Create a barrier between edible crops and soil
  • An aesthetically-pleasing finish


If you have green fingers, you might not love winter as it stops you from getting your hands dirty.

If you're not a fan of yard maintenance, you will be happy to know there's not much you can do in your garden during winter.

Yet, there are some basic tips you must follow...

10. Winter Yard Maintenance

The biggest tip we can give you is to avoid walking on the grass during frost. This can result in black marks on your lawn.

If you want to enjoy healthy grass during summer, you can lay turf during winter. Yet, you should avoid doing so if there is a frost.

Not just because it will make you chilly, but because it is difficult to prepare the underlying soil.

Don't forget to pick up any leaves to prevent them from damaging your lawn.

Want to prepare your lawn for spring? You can dig up areas of your garden during winter. This way, you'll be ready to lay turf in spring.

Do you want to ensure you enjoy healthy grass all year long? Contact North Texas Lawns for exceptional lawn care and maintenance services.


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