Time to Prep Your Lawn for Fall! (Here’s How!)

The two most extreme seasons for any lawn are summer and winter, but the most important time to take action are the seasons between those.

And as the leaves start to change, the temperature drops and the kids head back to school, it’s also time to be thinking about how to best prepare your lawn--not just for the winter, but for next spring and summer, too!

As Mike LaFollette of the Topeka Capital-Journal says:

From mowing to seeding, fall maintenance sets up your lawn to emerge healthy and hardy the next spring. However, many homeowners stop paying attention to their lawns once cool weather sets in.

That’s a mistake. Not only does late-season yard care play an important role in overall lawn health, but it also minimizes the amount of time you’ll spend on maintenance once spring arrives.

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In a recent article on fall lawn prep, Jackie Vermeulen suggests not putting away the lawnmower too early, because you’re going to need it in the fall to fight against snow mold in the winter.

Before you store away your mower for the winter, take it out one last time and cut your lawn to the shortest height you have all season. While you might love that blanket of snow, your lawn likely won’t; snow mold is more likely to grow where tall grass is matted down by the weight of the snow.

Fertilizing is a big deal, too, according to Popular Mechanics’ recent article on fall lawn prep.

Most lawn experts agree: If you fertilize your lawn only once a year, do it in the fall. The reason? Grass leaves grow much more slowly as the weather turns cool, but the grass roots and rhizomes continue to grow quickly. (Rhizomes are the horizontal plant stems that lie just beneath the soil's surface; they produce the blades of grass above and the roots below.) A fall application of fertilizer delivers essential nutrients for the grass to grow deep roots now and to keep nutrients on reserve for a healthy start next spring.

This video from Lowe’s drives home the point about fertilization, too, and suggests another important to-do: raking leaves.

Other things to look at include aerating the yard, filling bald spots in the grass, applying herbicide to problem weeds, and getting a professional to help you out.

And North Texas Lawns is ready to help you prep your lawn for a successful fall, winter, spring and summer, executing these and many more best practices.

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