How To Care For Your New Sod

So you’ve planted new sod to revitalize your yard. Now what?

Here are a few simple rules for caring for your fragile new sod and making sure it takes
root for a long time to come.


Water It


The most crucial step to ensure sod success is giving it the right amount of water. Wegman’s Nursery says “It’s nearly impossible to overwater new sod!”


For the first two weeks, water however much it takes to keep the sod moist throughout. This could mean sprinkling multiple times a day. If need be, you can lift an edge of the sod to check and make sure water is saturating all the way through. After two weeks, you can back off on the watering, easing into a normal grass watering schedule.


Feed It


Fresh sod needs a lot of nutrients to root deep and healthy. When you’re laying it, fertilize with a high phosphorous fertilizer to give it the food it needs. After the initial laying and fertilizing, wait about 30 days before fertilizing again. Remember to water as soon as you fertilize to prevent burning the grass.


After the second 30-day fertilization, you can move to a schedule of fertilizing it every 50-60 days, or as your chosen fertilizer recommends. If you have questions about how to fertilize most effectively, you can always enlist a professional.


Check It


You’re most likely to see fungus growth occurring within the first three days, so carefully watch your new sod for discoloration or other signs of disease. Even if you do find some fungus, it’s not a lost cause; most hardware stores can supply fungicide. One way to stop fungus before it starts is to be intentional with your watering schedule. Watering in the evening is more likely to give fungus a chance to grow in the cool hours overnight. Watering in the morning gives the grass a better chance at absorbing and using the water.


Mow It


Protect your newly laid sod by letting it rest without mowing for at least two weeks. This allows it to take root before the stress of trimming it back. Once your grass is over a minimum of 3 inches in length, which should be a minimum of 2-5 weeks, you can mow off about an inch in length. Be careful not to take off more than a third of the grass blades’ length at any given time to avoid damage.


Walk Around It

All of your careful care will be undone if you walk over the new sod and disturb its roots. Remember to tread gently over sodded areas. You can cross them where necessary for watering, fertilizer and other care, but prevent as much traffic as possible from covering the area until the sod has firmly rooted itself. The first 10 days are especially crucial, but the first couple of months deserve continued care.

If you have further questions about sod care or want a professional to lay and keep it healthy for you, find out what services North Texas Lawns can offer!


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