​Best Time to Start Mowing

Spring has sprung in Texas, and we are quickly moving into summer. With that switch, flowers are blooming, plants are thriving and lawns are growing. It's time for some maintenance to be done. 

Making sure that you are conducting the proper maintenance at the right time is crucial to ensuring that your lawn looks its best throughout the summertime. You'll want to consider the last time you cut your grass (more than likely it was at the end of the fall). Noting this will give you a rough timeline of when it is the best time for your first mow.  

The first sign of grass growing is NOT a tell-tale sign to cut it. Normally, you'll begin to see peaks of green in late February/early March, but because the weather is still fluctuating you can cause your lawn to go dormant if you cut too soon. 

By the middle of March and throughout April, spring will have finally come into its own and you'll want to start taking the first steps to prepping your lawn for summer. North Texas Lawns can help you with that by performing a seasonal clean-up.

The first cut of the season will allow you to throw your lawn into a scheduled routine to make the most out of the overall results. Giving your spring shoots a chance to grow will encourage the growth of strong healthy roots below the soil. 

You'll know your roots have grabbed onto the plant when your grass has grown about 2 inches high. It is at this point that you are ready to mow.  

TIP: It's important to note that you'll want to leave about 2/3 of the length to ensure your grass continues to develop underneath. 

If you've just recently fertilized your lawn, do not mow. You want to give the nutrients from the fertilizer a chance to soak into the grass. This won't take too long though because grass loves fertilizer so the absorption process will be extremely quick. 

Overseeding is another factor to consider when you are developing a mowing schedule. Normally, you want to plan overseeding for early March.

Typically before you fertilize, you will overseed your lawn. If this is something you plan to do, plan on having your first mow done around the beginning of May. 

North Texas Lawns is here to help you with all of your mowing needs.

Contact us today to set up a consultation appointment and we will tell you the best mowing schedule for you. 


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