Lawn Care And Maintenance Services

At North Texas Lawns, we want you to be happy so we guarantee you’ll love our work or we will come back to fix itWe proudly provide service to SouthlakeKellerGrapevineColleyvilleTrophy ClubWestlake, and the surrounding areas. Each of these locations is served by a uniformed, professional, and highly trained staff to ensure your lawn is maintained to your satisfaction. Bi-weekly care services are available, but we recommend weekly mowing service to maintain your lawn if you keep a standard watering schedule and utilize our highly recommended fertilizer plan. Please contact us to receive your FREE estimate within 24 hours.

Standard Lawn Care Service (Weekly & Bi-Weekly Mowing Options)

Standard service includes weekly mowing of your entire lawn and line trimming around trees, fences, posts, etc. After we’re through mowing and trimming, we will clean up your yard by raking and bagging smaller debris as well as blowing off hard surfaces to make sure we leave no dirt or debris behind.

Additional Services

Hedgerow And Shrub Trimming

There’s nothing more appealing than a straight hedgerow and perfectly shaped shrubs. This service includes the shaping of all shrubs around your property. Trimming service is recommended every 6 weeks during the growing season. At the completion of each service, all clippings and debris will be removed from your property and hard surfaces will be blown.

Seasonal Clean-Up

Seasonal cleanup services are available and tailored to what your yard needs to look beautiful each spring and fall. The first service of every new lawn season is the Spring Clean Up. During this time, we will remove the last of any leaves from your landscape beds and lawn, cut back ornamental grasses and ground cover and mow the lawn at a lower level than normal. This is also the last time you can trim crepe myrtles before they start to bloom. As usual, we will rake and bag all debris as well as blowhard surfaces to remove smaller particles.

Our Fall Clean Ups may be done at any time between the last and first mow of the current lawn season. As part of this service, we gather all leaves on your property, bag them, and place the bags curbside for city pick up. Then we blow the hard surfaces to remove the remaining debris. If requested, we will also clean the gutters and dispose of the bags ourselves or mulch the leaves into your lawn (not recommended if you have a lot of mature trees on your property). 

Seasonal Flowers

Each season is marked with different colors, flowers, and smells. We’re happy to make sure your yard beautifully matches the season by planting seasonal flowers at your convenience. Many different options are available for summer and spring flowers after the final freeze. In the fall a variety of pansies and other options are available. When we install your seasonal flowers we will also add nutrient-rich soil and fertilizer to your flowerbeds. You will never experience a dull moment in your yard with seasonal flowers.

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Our Guarantee To You

Our #1 Priority is Customer Satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied we will make it right. We want to be your lawn service provider forever.