Lawn Fertilization

Why Use Year-Round Lawn Treatments?

Regular mowing and maintenance are not always enough to keep your lawn looking its best. To keep your lawn healthy, it is essential to feed it nutrients.  Combining a fertilizer treatment program tailored to your lawn and applied at the right time along with professional mowing and proper watering can maximize your lawn’s potential. 

Cost-Effective & Quality Treatment

It may be hard to believe that a qualified lawn care company can be more cost-effective than doing the work on your own.  If you take into consideration the retail prices for quality products and equipment, it’s easy to see.  Also, homeowners tend to use fertilizers and weed control products excessively or improperly resulting in wasted money and/or damage to the lawn.

North Texas Lawns can help you avoid wasted time and money allowing you to enjoy your lush, green lawn and adding significant value to your home.

We offer year-round treatments occurring every 6-8 weeks for a total of 6 treatments per year. These treatments will help with prevention, maintenance, and renewal of your lawn. 

Tarrant County  Fertilizer Program:

Application #1:  Mid-To-Late February

Our mild Texas winters allow for broadleaf and crabgrass weeds to flourish. Pre-Emergent is applied to prevent the weed seeds from germinating helping with weed control through spring.  This treatment also helps control poa annua, rescue, henbit, and chickweed.  Weeds that already exist or come through will be spot treated.

Application #2:  March – April

This round includes another treatment to help stop crabgrass before it starts and a post-emergent for any broadleaf weeds, like dandelions, that have begun coming through.  A mixture of fertilizer also helps promote spring growth, strength, and that green color we all desire.

Application #3:  May – June

As we prepare for the blazing hot summers of Texas, we use a treatment that includes slow-feeding nutrients for managing climate stress by encouraging thickness and strength.

Application #4:  July

The first of two treatments, this round is a mixture of fertilizer that will strengthen the roots of your lawn to beat the heat and a grub worm preventative treatment to help reduce damage caused by these infant June beetles. We also continue to treat any weeds that pop up.

Application #5:  Mid-August –  Early September

After waiting 6-8 weeks, the second treatment of fertilizer with grub control is applied.  We also continue to treat any weeds that pop up.

Application #6:  Late September – October

Now is the time to keep winter broadleaf and grassy weeds from sprouting with another pre-emergent treatment.  We also include a post-emergent for weeds already up and growing such as dandelions.

North Texas Lawns is a professional, multi-service lawn care company that can ensure your lawn is getting exactly what it needs when it needs it.  Plus, our Service Guarantee means if you are not 100% satisfied, we will make it right.

At North Texas Lawns, we want you to be happy with how your lawn looks so we guarantee you’ll love our work or we will come back to fix it. We proudly provide service to SouthlakeKellerGrapevineColleyvilleTrophy ClubWestlake and the surrounding areas. Each of these locations is served by a uniformed, professional and highly trained staff to ensure your yard is fertilized so that it always looks great. Please contact us to receive your FREE estimate within 24 hours.

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Our Guarantee To You

Our #1 Priority is Customer Satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied we will make it right. We want to be your lawn service provider forever.